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Why Are You Using That Tool?

Why are you using that tool?

There are, quite literally thousands of tools at your disposal to use to better yourself as a leader, as a person, as a parent, and every other subject in between. It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of acronyms and buzzwords.

Are you paying attention to your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)? What’s your DiSC profile? Do you follow the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Confucius,<insert any other religious figure here>? Are you wearing a FitBit? Do you listen to Maxwell, Ziglar, Sinek or Robbins? PowerPoint or Keynote? The lists of the things we “Need” to listen to, utilize, read, wear or do is seemingly endless, and exhausting.

There is no doubt that tools are useful, and in some cases necessary. I challenge you to rebuild an engine without a properly stocked toolbox. But, do you need every tool in the world? Most importantly, would you know how to use them?

Pictured above is one of the staples of navigation for hundreds of years; a sextant. It requires no power, no connection to the internet, no GPS. What it DOES require is a person who knows how to use it. Typically, a person learns how to use a tool when the actually NEED it; not just because it’s available. Truthfully, my mechanic doesn’t really need to know how to use a sextant to fix my car.

When it comes to all of these tools available to you, keep this in mind… Is this system I’m about to commit to a replacement for common sense?

Let me repeat that. “Is this system I’m about to commit to a replacement for common sense?”

• Do I really need a FitBit, or do I just need to get off my rear end and walk?

• Is this personality test telling me anything I don’t already know about myself, or am I looking for validation for why I don’t get along with some people?

• Is this speaker the source of my motivation? If so, isn’t that a problem in and of itself?

Don’t get me wrong; each one of the tools I listed above have definite value, if used correctly. Use them as an augmentation to better yourself, not as a replacement for something within you. Learn about them. If you have questions, ASK THEM! Talk to those who have experience with them. I may find myself lost at sea on a boat someday. Before I go to sea, you can bet I’m going to watch a video about sextant, at the very least.

If you need help figuring out the best thing for you, as your friends; ask your parents, and definitely ask your Coach.