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Best Christmas Ever! Giving Is Receiving.

Best Christmas Ever! Giving is receiving.

Let’s not lie to each other; receiving gifts is FUN! This Christmas, on the surface, most would say I didn’t receive much. In fact, the George Washington socks you see in the picture was it, and I think they’re awesomely hysterical. The reality is I got exactly what I asked for. Seriously, all I asked for was socks and such. Nothing special. But I received so much more…

I watched my wife open culinary devices and implements of creation that she has always wanted. So much so that it has reignited a long lost spark in her. A call to action, as it were. The fire in her eyes, and the excitement in her tone as she makes plans for the future far exceed what she can do with these items in our simple kitchen.

The children got most of what they dreamed for, with a few pleasant surprises. The happiness and genuine gratitude they showed echoes the maturity they have shown over the past year, showing that we’re still succeeding at this parenting thing.

I’ve had contact from family and friends from all over the world over the last 24 hours. Hearing stories of how their families are growing, setting up plans to get together, and just general conversation wishing each other well is always thoughtful and comforting.

So, I challenge the notion that some may have about the number of gifts I’ve received this year. I’ve got most everything I could already need, and damn near everything I want. I’m in a position where I have the ability to give, and have received far more from that than I could imagine.

I’m eternally grateful or all I have in life. A loving (and quite large) family, a beautiful home, the best friends a man could ever ask for, and people like you reading the writings that pour from my heart and mind. I’m a lucky man.

I’ve received far more than I’ve ever given. Truly one of the best Christmas days ever!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays everyone! Together we’ll make 2017 fantastic!